Monday, May 16, 2005

will always be..

Damn.. what have I done ?
This music moves my body crazy.. This alcohol gives me uncounsciousness.. This nicotine gives me stinky.. SHIT, where are you ndri?
Wish I have my car with me, just driving smoothly with no burden, then crash.. then lets rumble with friends again ..
Ya Allah, gw kenapa sih ?
It was so nice starting this semester, was just so smooth on move on,, to step forward without any backward AT ALL..
but again and again, i feel my self like a biaaaaaaaaatch!
Iam in this game again,,, not as audience or what, but following any command from my Boss which is you damnass..
Deal with the fun? hmmm I AM IN

Thursday, May 12, 2005

i wish

if i had a chance to rewind the life backward.. i really really want to do this 2 things..
i wish i can learn more ,,,, deeper in religion..
i wish i know you more ,,,, deeper before i met my nightmares...

Monday, March 14, 2005

losing religion

where are they gone.. those evils who always follow me up..
Gosh, no wonder theyre gone cos iam the evil right now ...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

one year left

again... year is changing.. now is 2005
I spent my new year with my friends.. we went to nagasaki and fukuoka in these 3 days..
was really hard journey facing the snow hehehe but fun tho'
wish this year gonna be better than before..
I have all my stuff to do in the next day,next month, next future..
I know that not all what I want will come true but His want :)
Sujudku ya Allah
Ampuni Dosa2 hamba ya Allah
Berikan kemudahan dalam menjalani semuanya
Luv u God

Friday, December 10, 2004

inside me

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

W o N D e R F u LiFe

I feel so lucky as a human....
When I am down, this word all I remember...
Andri, you're so lucky

Why should you sad
Why should you hurt

I like dancing, special traditional one...
I do this as my part timeJapanese, they always call me everytime there'z an event
then I'll dance to entertain them
D u Know what'z special as a dancer ???
no matter how sad we are
no matter how terrible world for us
no matter dead will come to us tomorrow
and no matter what
we still have our smile to you all..
just here to make you happy :)

me .. myself and andri Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Morning Brief of Mine...

I am back to the innocence... and feel much betterI just woke up from my dead sleep!! maaan, it was 8 pm and I woke at 8 am.. what a tired!!!
Yesterday was the Idul Fitri.. the Holy day for all moslems after having a month fasting, and we had ourselves apology each other.. that's why I said "back to the innocence"..
This one week I felt so worse.. there's nothing wrong with me, but all poeple just come to me with all their stories.. it was so fun to see they cry, laugh, mad.. but in other hand they talk about each other.. and I just can say, the enemy of your enemy is my friend.. and those people just come into me one by one.. what I can do is quite..and learn something from their experience..I have all human being's behave which makes me dissapoint and laugh. They seems wearing a mask just to be perfect in front other people...poeple are cruel yeah..we are only good for ourselves...well basically, people are selfish of ego. I might be one of them past and present, but at least by realizing what happened in my eyes, means I won;t dare myself to do the same thing.. although peole are born to make a mistake but we can try to be better man ..

I went to park with my roomate, then we had a chat about life.."what is your wish" was the question between us..she said.. I would like to have my self more attention to other.. what a nice one,
but what about me ?
I would like to have no desire in this life, at least less..ha ha ha you guys must put big question mark for this, well just think about Buddha then I'll
share more later..

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